Released May 30th, 2020

“How much you live isn’t all about the years, but about the people you touch, the difference you make, and the joy you bring to others.”

– Sadie Keller



Diagnosed with cancer at age seven, Sadie snuck into her mother’s closet and filmed an instructional video to help kids like her. It became a viral sensation.

Now a survivor, Sadie’s book BETTER ANGELS tells the story of her journey and the “angels” she met along the way: friends, family, strangers, and some of the most powerful people in the world.

Better Angels was co-authored by Congressman Michael McCaul, a friend and mentor to Sadie who works on the front lines to increase awareness and funding for childhood cancer fighters and their families.

As the founder of the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus, he led the fight for new laws to help the 16,000 children diagnosed with cancer each year, as well as survivors facing the long-term effects of their treatment. Sadie feels privileged to have worked closely under his guidance to articulate the untold parts of her journey.


“Better Angels is filled with truth and inspiration beyond measure. Sadie Keller’s journey is a must-read for anyone with a pulse.”
– David Estes, author of the best-selling high fantasy series, Fatemarked


“Nobody wants to think about child cancer, but we can’t look away. Our children deserve better. A beautiful, uplifting story about the bravery of one little girl and the angels she met along the way. This fierce, heartbreaking book had me cheering, crying, and ultimately shouting “you got this girl!” The strength of Sadie Keller, and the children like her, shone through on every page and will stay with you long after you close the book.”
– Wendy Mills, award-winning author of Positively Beautiful