Better Angels: Book Bundle

by Sadie Keller with Michael McCaul

Includes a signed paperback copy of Sadie Keller’s autobiography, Better Angels, 3 assorted stickers, and a Better Angels bookmark!
Better Angels is co-authored by Congressman Michael McCaul, a friend and mentor to Sadie who works on the front lines to increase awareness and funding for childhood cancer fighters and their families.

All sale proceeds go to childhood cancer charities.
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Diagnosed with cancer at age seven, Sadie snuck into her mother’s closet and filmed an instructional video to help kids like her. It became a viral sensation. Now a survivor, Sadie’s book, Better Angels, tells the story of her journey and the “angels” she met along the way: friends, family, strangers, and some of the most powerful people in the world.

Visit the Better Angels website to learn more!

“A pure, unadulterated glimpse into the pain, sadness and unyielding courage of a child forced to battle cancer. A stark reminder that from tragedy rises humanity and unexpected heroes and heroines. Better Angels is filled with truth and inspiration beyond measure. Sadie Keller’s journey is a must-read for anyone with a pulse.”
David Estes, #1 Amazon bestselling author of The Fatemarked Epic

“Better Angels is so inspiring and deeply personal, you can feel the honesty and emotion coming off the pages.”
Amanda Maxlyn, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Heart-rending and inspiring. Sadie is a modern day warrior in the battle against pediatric cancer, and her story will leave you hopeful for the future.”
Melanie Conklin, author of novels for young readers including Counting Thyme

“A child who teaches us all how to see the angels among us. Truly, the must-read story of the year.”
Traci Hunter Abramson Best-selling and award-winning author

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